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How to do Music Conversion from harmful 440Hz to harmonic 432Hz

How to do a 440Hz to 432Hz Conversion using Audacity (free software)

you can download audacity over here
http://audacity. sourceforge. net/download/windows

step 1: open audacity you can now select a file the way i do in the video or use drag and drop

step 2: select everything the way i do in the video or you could also use ctrl + a (select all)

step 3: go to effect/change pitch and input these settings, Pitch from F down to A, semitones (half steps) 0….

these settings came out as closest possible after testing the results with a
432Hz tuning device if you set it to 432 without the 186 or change the semi
tones result’s will be more off aldow your pc tells you otherwise the only
real way of checking this is a tuning device (you end up with these settings
in the video then) or even better just work in 432Hz from the beginning

I hope it all sounds to you as interesting as it is to me, but since i started working in 432Hz a lot happen to me around geometry and sound for me personaly sound is nothing less than geometry and a way to activate yourself

via How to do a 440Hz to 432Hz Music Conversion using Audacity May 12/10.

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